Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A good day

A few days ago , I was able to meet up with a lot of my old friends.

Things started with me driving in opposite direction with Fredrick Chia,and therefore we stopped by for a small chat.He invited me to go yamcha at that night , that's cool with me.Heh.

Then on the evening, me and Bazli went for a jog at PZS and we met up up with guess who?

Mr Teo himself , along with Yong CY , Lim SY and obviously the guy I invited to come CKL.

We jog for an hour and yamcha-ed nearby my house.There's a new bubble tea shop , called the Bo Bo Bear bubble tea.

Then came in a message from Fred , asking me to go for pool . Game on!

At the pool place , I met up with Chin GY , Tay JW , Wong PY , Kevin Wong , and some other SMKT guys.

We hung out at Wh? not after that to have a drink .

Some of the pictures:

Danny , Bazli , Me , Fred

The others

Bapak² Ayamzzzz :D

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