Monday, December 1, 2008

debate + mah befday + the rest

Hello all , hi bloggy ! Its been awhile hasn't it? Well , I was kinda busy actually , and internet isn't really good here , so I'll keep it short and simple kay?

Firstly I was involved in VC CUP debate in Shah Alam which I didn't even made it to quarter finals , but nevertheless , I enjoyed it , out of 7 debates I competed , which includes the training and the tournament itself , my team won 3 times , got middle placings 2 or 3 matches and others lost badly I guess , heheheheh....

Hey it was British Parlimentary style waddaya expect? I only had experience on Asian Parlimentary... and preparation time was only 15 minutes , combined with f-ing motions and worst I had to go against some Law students!! U might say Im giving excuses , well hell I dont careeeeee!!!

I never really try this , and now Im gonna do it -> Less words , more pictures!

This a picture of penang team with the VC

Er...Magazine cover for Dudes & Babe?

Sunshine and me

Just being posey y'all

Same here la

Team Penang 1(Fattah and Iylia)

This shows John's greed when eating

Me and John(Team Penang 2)

The guy from Sarawak who talked about Debatopia in his public speaking speech

Aiman and his girl's hand(team penang 3)

Syafiq , me , mr anizan , john , aiman, kara

We are the swing team yang menang!(yea rite)


Sebelum VC dinner...

And now moving on to my birthday, basically it wasnt good initially ,excluding the time when I got my new phone sony ericsson G900 la( wahahahahahahah XD) , owing to the fact that on the actual birthday itself I was sick ... had flu + cough + high fever which I got from debating la...stretched for 5 days already the fever , went to the clinic on the 26th , and only after 3 days of medication it slowed down and I felt a lil bit better.

Just when u thought that, okay , my birthday is just gonna pass by just like this , allright birthday wishes are there , but I dint really get to meet my friends on the day itself . Hmm .. so there I was arriving Tawau , and Farhana was the one who fetched me . Little that I know I was already inside their cunning surprise of a birthday surprise . Gotta give it to you all , I really really didnt expect to have a birthday surprise anymore , part because it was already 28th of november , and it was already night . But you guys proved how wrong I was . I appreciate and thank all of my famlily who made the birthday party , for the success rate and the suprise level , u all would still have to work on it , cause I saw it coming!!!! (when I was at the door then suddenly blackout, cmon la , cannot be such coincidence?! I even heard someone switched off the light! but still , its the thought that counts.. and yes I was touched ~~ huhuhhhu)

Presentation of the birthday cake to me

Ma befday cake

After that, its life as usual in Tawau , the usual repairing car business (haizzz) , did some stuff for the house and etc . Met up with some old friends, namely Ritzuan , Bazli , Fazrezan . We went out for a day actually. And then there's this basketball session with CKL and CGY. umm, went to town and met CNS and Louis Pang?? hmmmm , and now Im just happy to have my holiday here... and I plan to enjoy the rest of it to the fullest!!!

Thats it

Im gonna stop on this post

Over and out!!!

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