Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally ...

Damn , it took almost 2 days , just to find a solution as to why my laptop cant connect to the router. I actually can connect and receive the LAN connection but there was no connectivity for browsing , but in a weird way , it can connect to yahoo messenger pulak .. pelik pelik ....

Googled all over the place for solutions , read forums and even tried the command prompt!! and finally came to the real solution .

here's the software that fixed my problem , it came from this url :-

and therefore , I finally got the mood to do some blogging . But actually I just wanna blog coz I won't be touching my laptop for one week starting tomorrow.

It sure is cold now .. hahaha .. butterflies fluttering in my stomach ... Why? Because the debate tournament is here . ITS HEREEEEE!!!! OH SH!T MANNNN , IM FREAKING OUTTTT .

I hope , I wont be too disappointed with myself when it all ends . Its gonna be one hell of a week in uitm shah alam . Rusty me is gonna debate again . Nuts ~~~

What have I been doing the past few days hmm?

I arrived KL on saturday noon by car . Waited to be fetched by middle sis , and went home and slept . Dint have enough sleep the night before .. aha.. of course la , just finish exam :D ...

The next day , I went to Genting Highlands with my mid sis and Ali , well , I wanted to go so bad and I managed to persuade them , it was either Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highlands , and I chose the latter . Went off by car at 9am and arrived an hour later . Ahhh .. cool air in Genting ~~

ok , first ride - Flying coaster!!!

I had fun :D

All smiles on the way out

The other ride was the Sungai Rejang thingy . Had just about two rides and it rained! Bummer ... all rides stopped , and we were left with no choice but to leave .

kesian betul , was lining up for go kart la... huhu...

So , we went to One Utama instead . do a lil bit of shopping and have lunch ...
Was a very tiring day !OH ! had a game of bowling too , and I managed to get my revenge for the last time. hehe :D here take a look at the score :-

L = LAN , A = ALI , Z = ZHAF

Monday morning , went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with VICTOOOORRRR OWHHH!! (hehe) . Ahh...we had some fun there , cinema , arcade , sushis , pizzas , oh and even archery! instead of bowling la ... he dun wana play bowling with me wa ..

Watched Madagascar 2 , damn funny movie , hahahahahah , I really like the penguin!

as for the arcade , we wanted to duel in Initial D , dint manage to coz full house . Played Time Crisis II instead ...

Since Sushi King was on me , Pizza Hut was on him , thanks ho Victor , but still hungry la ..hahahaha

Finally we went for archery. Very good lesson learnt for both of us today , that is



gila one, hahaha. Last stop , pc shop , bought some stuff then balik naik teksi . Damn expensive one la taxi . #R@#$!$

One more thing I wana share is about my latest obsession , err.. should I use that word?

Im in love with Mandy Moore !!!! Cute Mandy , Pretty Mandy !! Ahh.. She is so my type ..ahha

There we go

The elegant , stunning type(SHE'S MINE)

and the cute and sweet type(SHE'S MINE)

Dear Mandy , I love you!!! hehehehe

I guess that's it till next week

Wish me Luck in my competition

Just a few catch phrases from my housemates game : dawn of war

"Onwards , to GLORY!"

"The fallen shall forever be remembered as the emperors's finest "

Over and Out!!

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