Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally ...

Damn , it took almost 2 days , just to find a solution as to why my laptop cant connect to the router. I actually can connect and receive the LAN connection but there was no connectivity for browsing , but in a weird way , it can connect to yahoo messenger pulak .. pelik pelik ....

Googled all over the place for solutions , read forums and even tried the command prompt!! and finally came to the real solution .

here's the software that fixed my problem , it came from this url :-

and therefore , I finally got the mood to do some blogging . But actually I just wanna blog coz I won't be touching my laptop for one week starting tomorrow.

It sure is cold now .. hahaha .. butterflies fluttering in my stomach ... Why? Because the debate tournament is here . ITS HEREEEEE!!!! OH SH!T MANNNN , IM FREAKING OUTTTT .

I hope , I wont be too disappointed with myself when it all ends . Its gonna be one hell of a week in uitm shah alam . Rusty me is gonna debate again . Nuts ~~~

What have I been doing the past few days hmm?

I arrived KL on saturday noon by car . Waited to be fetched by middle sis , and went home and slept . Dint have enough sleep the night before .. aha.. of course la , just finish exam :D ...

The next day , I went to Genting Highlands with my mid sis and Ali , well , I wanted to go so bad and I managed to persuade them , it was either Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highlands , and I chose the latter . Went off by car at 9am and arrived an hour later . Ahhh .. cool air in Genting ~~

ok , first ride - Flying coaster!!!

I had fun :D

All smiles on the way out

The other ride was the Sungai Rejang thingy . Had just about two rides and it rained! Bummer ... all rides stopped , and we were left with no choice but to leave .

kesian betul , was lining up for go kart la... huhu...

So , we went to One Utama instead . do a lil bit of shopping and have lunch ...
Was a very tiring day !OH ! had a game of bowling too , and I managed to get my revenge for the last time. hehe :D here take a look at the score :-

L = LAN , A = ALI , Z = ZHAF

Monday morning , went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with VICTOOOORRRR OWHHH!! (hehe) . Ahh...we had some fun there , cinema , arcade , sushis , pizzas , oh and even archery! instead of bowling la ... he dun wana play bowling with me wa ..

Watched Madagascar 2 , damn funny movie , hahahahahah , I really like the penguin!

as for the arcade , we wanted to duel in Initial D , dint manage to coz full house . Played Time Crisis II instead ...

Since Sushi King was on me , Pizza Hut was on him , thanks ho Victor , but still hungry la ..hahahaha

Finally we went for archery. Very good lesson learnt for both of us today , that is



gila one, hahaha. Last stop , pc shop , bought some stuff then balik naik teksi . Damn expensive one la taxi . #R@#$!$

One more thing I wana share is about my latest obsession , err.. should I use that word?

Im in love with Mandy Moore !!!! Cute Mandy , Pretty Mandy !! Ahh.. She is so my type ..ahha

There we go

The elegant , stunning type(SHE'S MINE)

and the cute and sweet type(SHE'S MINE)

Dear Mandy , I love you!!! hehehehe

I guess that's it till next week

Wish me Luck in my competition

Just a few catch phrases from my housemates game : dawn of war

"Onwards , to GLORY!"

"The fallen shall forever be remembered as the emperors's finest "

Over and Out!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


There's nothing new really .. and the fact that there isn't anything new justifies the fact that there were no new posts added . Well , actually I'm already edging to my final week of my 3rd semester , and I still have one paper to go which is Material Science . Have to start studying for that soon.

Well, something interesting in the last few days? hm, we held a new season of PES league . I call it the IDAMAN PES LEAGUE , replacing the old ZAMRUD PES LEAGUE.Ahhh.. before I proceed , please let me list down my honours on the last 3 leagues I participated .


1st league ---> Manchester United (1ST PLACE)
2nd league ---> Manchester United (2ND PLACE)
3rd league ---> Chelsea (1ST PLACE)

okay , that was all on the previous leagues .

This time , like the 3rd PES league , the teams was selected randomly,and guess what ?!!

Nobody got MU / CHELSEA / LIVERPOOL as their team . Worst , I got Bayern Munich!!! WTF?! I never used this team!!!

There was altogether 7 participants including me,here's the list :-


Okay , to shorten the story, here's the so called synopsis of my team's progress:-

Bayern Munich 3 - 1 Juventus
Bayern Munich 2 - 1 Arsenal
Real Madrid 0 - 3 Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2 - 0 Barcelona
Bayern Munich 2 - 0 Inter Milan

AC Milan 2 - 0 Bayern Munich

I actually ended up 2nd place!!! @!@$! No thanks to AC Milan beating me two-nil ...arghhhhh

Final placings

1. AC Milan
2. Bayern Munich
3. Arsenal
4. Real Madrid
5. Barcelona
6. Juventus
7. Inter Mila

heh..basically everyone wasnt happy because of the random selection of the team , it really messed up everything !!! hahhahah...but nevertheless , congrats to AC Milan , he wasnt complaining coz it was kinda his team ... cis cis cisssss!! heehehe..

Ah well, its getting late..wanna sleep

Over and Out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Got tagged by Aunty Yus , nothing to do at the moment and I said why not?hahahahha

Here's a picture of me drinking my favourite C2's apple-flavoured drink~~
Just got back from dinner la , stopped by at 7-11, sekalinya already got stock for this drink,aku pun belila 4 botol!!!

The Rules:
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2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair...just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
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Ok,people to tag
koh hui hwa
yee tsemin

and others who wish to do so....silakannnnnn