Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What A Day!

Whoa! 2 down 3 to go! Though I have to admit it wasnt really smooth sailing.Dynamics I can answer all ( felt a bit relaxed and satisfied campred to 1st test) but there's this freaky #$@ last question that is so hard!! add to that,there was Engineering Drawing,great...with that sinking feeling still intact , we went in to the fray , testing our lucks in engineering drawing pulak...

Turns out it was as f***y as ever,so many darn things couldn't answer, there was like so many darn things to memorize , and those that I stressed on didnt really came out...@#$! I'm stressed out!

Went home straight away after it.And guess what?I went to play with my videos,turns out I made a video in the end,and uploaded it in youtube.What is it you ask?Aw,it's nothing really,just a few clips from Pro Evolution Soccer 6 goals that I scored.It was a success!Satisfaction indeed~~ohh,and just an hour later someone comment oledi worrr..ahahahha...Well if you insist on watching it,the link is right under the "My Fellow Bloggers" tab. Click the "My youtube" link

Played Final Fantasy VII for awhile on laptop,finally finish downloading disc 1,freaking long time to download.Well, Im on disc 2 now,hahahah..all smiles playing FFVII,reminds me of the good old days back when I was still in my primary school days...Huhu,how old I have become..

Hmm..Nothing much to say...oh,petrol went down 15sen again so it's rm2.30/litre now,good huh?hehe

It's 16/10 today right?So it's a birthday of a fellow friend named Jacqueline Lau Jade Lin.Happy Birthday to u Jacq!!

Continue revisions,3 more enemies to go.


Over and out


Nik Akmal Hareez said... blog jugak./.hahaha

Lan said...

haaa.ade ahh