Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A sea of questions and problems , soon to be vanquished by the rain of my pen arrows

So then , everyone is into metaphoric phrases eh? I've seen about everything , from toothaches to lemon friendship.Heh..U know what, yeah it's great using symbolic phrases or similes or personification or hyperbolic phrases and even metaphors.It's actually a good silent way to express yourself , anger? frustration ? depression ? joy ? be it whatever feelings you have...Its just a way of you using a phrase to carry out your message while hiding at the back of it.You want people to figure it out indirectly.

Well, enough of that . I am merely a reader ,so let people say what they want , as I get on with my own businesses.

As titled up there,starting tomorrow comes a barrage of tests for me.It starts right at 5pm tomorrow, Dynamics test , followed by Engineering drawing at 830.Thursday night strength of materials 8pm , friday night material science 8pm and saturday noon First Aid test 230-4pm.Phew...Crazy la...this is what u call a killer week/crazy week/judgement week . Best part of it is that I HAVNT FINISHED STUDYING .. DIEEEEEEE~~

Despite that , I still berkeras kepala wanna do blog,play games..hahahah..like this la me..when I feel the urgency then only I menggelabah take the book and read,burn mdnight oil and so on,but most of the times I would just sleep early and wake up early,sambung baca the next day.

Lets just hope the title of this post is realised at the end of the week ^^

Been fasting the last four days,doing puasa 6,now I will be left with 2 more days of puasa,I'll save it for this Saturday and Sunday!!hehe

Interesting thing I did today- hmmm...played counterstrike with LAN connection,freaking fun ,but as usual there are highs and lows as a player,but I started well though,topping the charts with 38 kill and 9 deaths,hahahahha...

Aside from that,I watched a movie in English class today, it was for a summary .The title of the movie was 'Wind Talker' starring Nicolas 'kick-ass' Cage.I admit this movie sparked my desire to play CS la this afternoon, all because the starring was shooting everywhere,macam rambo ba dia!!hahaha.It was a movie about world war 2, against the japanese..hmm..quite interesting...interested?go watch urself la..hehe

OHH!! and before I forget,it's Alicia Vilolin's birthday today,19th one right?ahh..wish her happy birthday la..

I guess I better get on back with my revisions,


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