Monday, October 20, 2008

An old Poem

This post is just a copy poem that I took from my old blog in friendster.Hmm..I find doing poem interesting,but I think I've lost the touch..hahahaha..Btw,here it goes:-


A dream…

is supposed to be

the sacred place where we relax

a place where we throw away all the problems in the world

a place that is filled with joy and serenity….

Some even imagined dreams as..

the sweetest moment of their life

the moment where they can be in control of what they long for

they desire for

they love for

or even they need for

Yes…this is how a dream should be…

A so-called human paradise

straight to them when they close their eyes


a dream remains a dream

a fantasy is hardly a reality

For someone like me

who hardly dreams at night

and is forced to dream in the day

it is truly painful…

for it is something so sweet in the dream and fantasy..

yet suffocates me badly in reality….

Copyright LAN

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