Thursday, September 18, 2008

TAGGED Version 2.0

by @dr3h(my gendud sis) XD

The Rules ;

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Lets Begin!

I'm a big BIG fan of Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) , its simply just because they're the best team in the world,their players are young and still developing,and they play super-attacking and attractive,exquisite and entertaining football!What's more they just've been crowned Kings of Europe because of their Europe and BPL Double Champion last season.Well,surely they're gonna defend their crown,needless to say right?Who's got a problem with MUFC come and fight my MU team in Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven la!!!

I guess its normal that us boys have a big appetite for food.Well,I guess its a well-known fact.I'm a fan of eating.Usually I'd be eating anything that is good to eat.Back in those days when I was still small,I used to be the "tukang sapu makanan", means I would the finisher for all the leftovers.Since I have given out this fact,might as well state out my favourite food eh?So those of u who wants to impress,please,make me happy u can treat/make me SUSHI,PIZZA,CAKE (I'd seriously prefer home-made ones :D) , STEAK,well uh...there'a s alot more..Tired to type la...

I love music,I mean I'm DEEPLY in love with musics..Plainly because it just understands me,I can connect with it through my heart and soul.It's a good friend for me all the time!!I can say that I can't live a day without music,and I admit I will boom the house with rock songs most of the times.Naturally I would listen to rock songs la,whereby for me,it helps me release my tension,and for some songs,it just happens to describe what I was feeling at the time itself,so I felt that it's like a companion for me,and I began to get stuck and fall in love with the songs. I love u music,and I know u love me too!

One unknown fact about me is that - I'm lovable by the kids.Surprisingly, they're just attracted to me.Right,I'm as quizzed as you,I myself don't know why.I'm don't really look like Im gonna eat someone,but then again I dont own a face that is so so ummm.."soft?" for the children to not feel scared and come approach me.Well,sometimes I will entertain them for a while.But I tend to ignore them more because I think it's gonna be real troublesome once they start to CRY CRY CRY!!!So best not to be involve with them too much.Im really no good in cheering people up la...

For me,I will seriously admit that I am choosy in my relationship,turns out that Im not really popular with the girls I think?But once I think she's the right one,Im gonna have a go at her until I get her. hehe :D All is fair in love and war!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh..the teasing and being teased situations..It's been with be all these years.Hehe,to tell you the truth,I love it!!And of course,I like to be in the winning side,who doesnt eh??Few of the fun teasing game that I remember is all during my secondary school times...It was all fun la,remember teasing the BM teacher - Wong Fui Lin?She has a really good command of BM,so it was real fun keep "bombing" each other with her.I had reinforcements ma kan,mr TKP,Timmy boy(Shen) ,Guojun ,Bazli and Ritzuan!!!Oh,against Jason Chin also not bad ah...This Jason ahhh...cannot one day no tease me one ..nampak saja me that day surely the mouth is gonna tease me...well,Im not just gonna let u tease me just like that,fight fire with fire la!Peduli apa aku u r EST teacher or my English tuition teacher???This means WARRR,a fun war that is :P

Maybe some of you don't know,but I just don't like spending my time in shopping malls shopping,window shooping and all those stuffs thats related to shopping.UNLESS,its a well-planned trip to the mall,Im forced to go,or Im spending time with someone special ^^

Okay,victims of tags,goes to:-

Timmy boyyyy(shen)
Im out of ppl to tag..doesnt say I cant tag someone alrady tagged rite? tag si gendud anna!!!

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