Monday, September 22, 2008

Subhan's Bday

Last Sunday was my housemate's birthday,and he decided to open a small party to celebrate!!
Okay boss,no problem at all!

Birthday boy on the left

Since he is from the culinary department,he said he was gonna cook for the occasion,along with his friend.

Them 2 in action

Basically they cooked fried mee,and ayam percik

mee on the left,ayam on the right

15 minutes before the breaking fast time,then the people starts to come.There was about 13-15 ppl la in the house..hahahah

The "asap" boys

Adil(the chef) byk makan!!!

tetamu2 lain

well,actually the mee was ok,but then the ayam wasnt well cooked!!hahahahhaah...nevermind la,puasa ba kan..but can that be an excuse to the culinary boys???apa macam ni weyyy..hahahhaha
..He had a great birthday la,the next day her girlfriend gave him a cow pillow sheet!with the cow's head sticking out...ahha...good wat?at least ur girl gave u a present that she thinks it suits u... :P

Apart from that,we did a little bit of shooping for the house,just to make sure the house doesnt look like
a 'bujang's house'.Cannot tahan la rumah dirty and not organized.

Well,lets see

A new shoe rack

Towel hanger and new light bulb!

And last but not least,a big trash bin!
Gonna do some more shoppings for the house la,maybe next semester...
Over and Out!

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