Saturday, September 20, 2008

Break fast in Penang Island

Looks like I misundertood the place we're going...I thought the place was at Gurney...I got mixed up as it was in QueensbayMall area...

This is Queensbaymall from the open car park view

The front entrance where all the taxis and buses drop their passengers

This area is like a place for the high class community,or so I guess,the mall here is also like selling all those expensive boutiques,stuffs like that etc.

Houses all around these area looks very nice,but don't forget the price will be nice also

This design for the house is quite neat

The condominium just 10 minutes away from the Queensbaymall

We hung out at the mall for 3 hours,they did their shopping,and I did a lil bit of mine,just to kill some time off.And what I bought was a new AVF headset with microphone..hahahah

Time passed quickly and it was already 63opm,so our gang moved out from the mall to the restaurant

Its like a pack of seafood stalls stacked together near the seaside.Well,the name of the place was -


Basically,we ordered food set for about 26 people!!Each will pay rm15 for it.Well here's the dishes

Look at us go!!!

Aliya,Azimah,Atiqah berjuang menghabiskan makanan!

Wan,Tengku,Megat,Tarmizi juga berperang..

Steady ah beb,xbuka puasa lagiii,heheeh..

And here's how it looks like near the end of the dinner!!!!

Habis jugak makanan2 tu,hahahah

It was quite an enjoyable trip,although I have to admit it's very tiring and the shopping part suckssss....

Oh!we managed to take some pictures too

Introducing from the left,aizat,megat,me,tarmizi,zamir,wan

Ahh..bau laut yang...errr..kurang menyenangkan??

Budak2 perempuan yg dtg

Budak2 lelaki lain...


I think that's all for this post..hmmm..been uploading pics like crazy...

goodnight,or goodmorning,watever

over and out


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