Saturday, September 13, 2008


Up until now,Im still confused.Should I be upset about it?Or should I just move on and pretend nothing was wrong?It's still sticking to me,but I try hard not to show it....

It's helpless really...


Put that aside...Lets talk about today as in saturday september 13.It dint start good , denda tulis surat coz late 15 minutes for the cocurricular class...damn,it wasnt fair!!some came later but was not punished...nevermind ler...

Finished presentation of cholera and dysentery on the spot.Well,I dint really present cause I was oblivious myself on the medical terms,so what was the solution??Leave it for the pharmacy students!!!yeahh...Other topics by the other groups was HIV (this topic was freakin hot!!!) and syphilis and gonorrhea ( This was interesting too!) ahhahaha...

Went back home about 12...And involuntary fell asleep for 4 hours!!haha...well,waddaya expect!!Its saturday laaaa..gimme a breakkkkk...

4 plus,the boys from the other house came to challenge me in Pro Evolution Soccer,oh hell yeah,GAME ON!!!

Im using Manchester United,Firli used Barcelona while Abu used Chelsea...Here's how it went:-

M.U. 2-2 Chelsea (Man united won on penalties 5-3)
M.U. 3-1 Barcelona
M.U. 3-2 Chelsea (This one was a injury time winner by me!!!,he was pissed,heheheh)
M.U. 2-1 Barcelona
M.U. 4-4 Chelsea (Chelsea won on penalties 7-5,damn I was distracted by a call from middle sis!!,ahahah,couldn use this excuse tho)
M.U. 4-2 Barcelona (heheheh,Firli dint win over me todayyyyy :D)

Finished gaming,went out to buy food for breaking fast,was raining...Dint matter,I wanted to buy to fu fahhh...sedapppp...So off I went,buying nasi ayam and coconut juice in the process.

Played minesweeper too with Serena and makcik kee , I won against Rena 24-26,hehe,Thanxx renaaa...It was nice of u to care about me and making the deal of cheering me up,haha...

But I was in a losing streak against makcik baddd..she took all my luck edi...its 6-0 altogether liao i lost to her...aihh...

Oh,and timmy boy finally get wat he wants to hear..well,I've let it out...I hope that's the end of the fishy stuffs...

M.U. was playing at Anfield today against Liverpool,and Dimitar Berbatov made his much awaited debut and made an instant impact squaring the ball for Carlos Tevez to score...But we lost 2-1 in the end to liverpool,no thanks to that freak own goal...Damn im disappointed...

To make things worst,Chelsea won the game against City,hell...Its liverpool and chelsea up there now..Just u wait til Cristiano Ronaldo comes backk!!!

Well..Im supposed to study and do homework now,but I feel lazy la..hahahah...will do it la,I'll force my self!

Lets see
1.Lab report
3.Strength of materials-2 assignments
4.Solidwork assignments

English term paper
dynamic lab
Presentation of Suburban plan

Well,it's quite busy man,I reckon this week is gonna be a long one..But next week would be holiday week,not exactly la,but I think of it that way!!Cmon go go go!

Oh, before I forget!!!


:p over and out!

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