Saturday, September 6, 2008

6th Ramadhan- SUSHI KING!!!

Guess what?It's Saturday today,and what the heck..I need to wake up to go for CTU211 extra class....Ala...bosan giler....

Woke up late today,for the second consecutive day..what to tired,all the fatigue culminated from thursday sampai la ke friday..penat worr..makan sahur kejap terus tidur this morning.

It's been a rainy season here,but today it rained unusually heavy,could it be that the skies are shedding tears for the death of my 7th day of the month?Hmm...I wonder..Just my imagination la...No point thinking bout that now...

It rained so heavily today it was so good to just pull the blanket and go back to sleep,and that was just what I did after I came back from class,slept for 3 hours.

Woke up at 3,well whaddaya know?nobody woke up -YET.hahahahah!effects of the rain plus laziness on a saturday,what more can I say?But they did woke up half an hour later.

It's been so long that I've been to Sushi King,and we decided to go for it to break our fast.We went off by Fattah's car.Only me,him and Subhan went to Penang Island.Alif had his own plans for the day.Went off by 530..Was still raining,although its slowed down a bit.Mr.Subhan recommended that we go the chain at Gurney Plaza when I asked to go to Prangin Mall(KOMTAR) .Eventually,majoriti won as Fattah also wanted to go Gurney..

Getting around in Penang Island , there's always a problem.Happened so many times oledi...LOST...can't find the right way,hahahah...eventhough got signboards,but always always couldn't arrive the destination on first try...apa mau jadi...

Then about 7,we arrive at Gurney Plaza,at the 3rd attempt that is!hahahaha...So far so good,as we went just to find that


Crap man,it's already 7.08pm....I was really pissed,I dint want to come Gurney, the end we drove off to KOMTAR,and made it there 10 minutes after the break fast.

But when we were already in the restaurant,all is forgotten as we feast on the japanese food!!!YUMMY with a capital Y!!

I ordered Tori Khatsu Set,its a chicken set,tastes great,with four extra plates of sushis..oh was filling alright,but it emptied my wallet!! XD Overall it was great,we had fun,but it's just that its a bit different now..somethings missing..hmm?

The bill altogether was rm95 for us 3,and I cut it off to rm86 with my discount card.My part was Rm40. :P It was well worth it of course.

The story doesnt end here,it was still raining,up til 830pm..Georgetown was all jammed up..Do u guys know why?It wasnt because of its a saturday night,its not because its an event is going on,its actually because the place was FLOODED , I can't believe it myself...the water level was actually like one-third of the car's door!!!We were afraid that it would go in the engine,but we have believe in the AUDI,hahahaha....Got stuck in a single lane for 45 minutes and managed to escape safely,arriving home at 1015pm..So freaking tired

What a day!!!!

Its still is raining,please stop crying already....

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