Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd day of ramadhan

ahha!everything was going all right thru the 1st and 2nd day.Then come the 3rd day...

I planned to make a egg bread(roti telur) or watever u call it for sahur this morning..I was so confident and looking forward to it coz its been awhile i ate that...

"Woi Lan!!! Bangun la!!!"

I sat up from my sleep,glanced at the clock it was already 510am...alamakkk..sempat ka jugak mau masak niii..??I dashed out with my bread and ajinomoto , break 2 eggs into a bowl and kacau2.They were asking me what I wana do and I told them wat I was up to..

Letak minyak la suda di kuali ni..perghhh!!whole house berasapppp!!!hahahahahha...

"Oi Lan, ape kau masak tu??habis rumah berasap,aku nak rokok pun xjadi"

the other housemate perli me...haha...xkisah la,oledi too kelamkabut...

here I go , 1st roti into the pan...1 minute later, switched side... ALL BLACKKKKK!!!


continued with 2 to 3 breads...haha..stop for awhile...alamakkk,teruklaa,xpandai langsung.

Luckily this housemate came,he is studying in culinary arts,these things"kacang" la for he did all the cooking,and I do all the eating...hahahah,good eh? makan sampai hampir subuh dah..Have to stop now..

Evening buka puasa was good,the housemate gave us some food from his cooking class,and as a result,Im so full now...lazy to move already...

Got test tomorrow ahh,that rozaiman's hard-to-do question also havn finish!!!

I think I gotta stop here..oh and btw,I really love my new blog song- You Were My Everything by Aviation..been listening it for days now..its emotional,cool..suites my current mood nicely!!

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