Thursday, September 18, 2008

19th Ramadhan

It's already the 19th day of the fasting month,which means there is only 11 days more of fasting,a week more from my holiday and 8 days more to Tawau!!Yeahh!!hahahaha..

What should I write today?hmm...

*Deep in thought*


I love watching the moon at night...It's just so beautiful.Oh, and I used to tell someone about it,but it seems now it's gonna stop.Nevertheless,the moon is indeed nice to watch.Ah,it was full moon a few days ago,but I didnt take any picture of it.Today though,I decided to take the picture because the moon tonight was a stand-out,it was huge and yellowish!!

see it?its not so round anymore on top cause its already the 19th!
(camera lauya cannot zoom closer,sorry la)

Other than that,umm...

Well,Thurday is finishing,and I consider it an achievement to get through a Thursday,simply because today is the most hectic,crazily-packed-scheduled day of mine,and Im proud to say I made it through the day,with a good feeling :D

I woke up early at 4am today ,was gonna watch M.U. vs Villareal , wanna watch Ronaldo ma..long time no see him play...well,I got my wish,soon as I connect to the net to watch the football match,Ronaldo was thrown into the fray .It was the 60th minute,score 0-0.

I expected something good from this match,turns out it was a goalless draw,but I think it's good that Ronaldo is playing and giving assists to the team again..His killer pass to Wayne Rooney was superb and should have been a goal when Wayne squared the ball to Tevez ,only for it to be cleared on the goalline...

Its a match against Chelsea this Sunday...well,actually I don't know how I should look forward to that match...Chelsea's been in good form while M.U. hasn't really find their rythm,but who knows?A win at Stamford Bridge to kickstart their season ain't a bad idea!

I dint sleep after sahur,opened my Dynamics book and continued revising it,there was going to be a quiz later at 8am.hahaha,and I guess it paid off real sweet cause I can answer the quiz just now!!How satisfying the feeling is!

I am also looking forward to the majlis berbuka puasa that's is being organized by the girls from our class.Goody,gonna break fast with seafood this Saturday!!!It's a restaurant near the Gurney Drive,or should I say QueensBayMall to make it even more near.It's a restaurant at the seaside.I've eaten there before with my granma , and oh yes! It is tasty :P That's why I can't wait man...


Im coming for yaaa!

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