Monday, September 15, 2008

16 of september!!

Well,It's today!!!

Today is the date of Birth of Malaysia,whereby Sabah, Sarawak join in with Tanah Melayu to form MALAYSIA,hahaha..Apart from that,there were fusses all around the night before due to political issues.You know,Mr. A said that he's gonna take over as PM today,well,none of that happen yet mister...So what's next?Batal puasa kau menipu!!!hahahahahahha...

Insignificant stuffs,okay,what's more important today is that it's one of my close buddies from secondary school, MR BAZLI's birthday!!!!he turns 19 today,I sms-ed him early morning but he
didn't reply,guess he's out of credit,AGAIN!!haha..


hehehe,enjoy ur birthday ham-sapman... :D

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