Monday, August 25, 2008

Last few days in KL

I woke up late today,ahhh,why not??its my holiday and its monday for god sake!!haha,but I did woke up for my subuh prayers la..In that state of dizziness,I on my laptop , checking out somethings in the internet...And after that I started to do my BEL311 term holiday works...SUCKSSSS,especially this one la!!Bel311,aiyooo...english subjects are so damn boring in universities, this is my last for diploma,hope i dont have to repeat this freakin course pulak :P
Finished this stuff almost at 2pm...Oh,and I get to chat wit Trina,haha,its been awhile since I chatted wit jugakkkk :D Then I thought I should reward myself with a few games of PES6!! big la..bosan betulll...then sambung work again...reading my CTU211,aiyo got test ba this thursday,leceh betul...then Ali called...he asked me about my lunch,,and its already 3pm,hahaha,ok ba..aku makan aku makan...went down,fried some rice with eggs and sausages...didnt taste good..uwekkk

Sambung baca the book...Slowly but surely,the book was the one reading me..I fell asleep laa...apa macam!!!hahahah...

Ali came back,and I have decided to have pizza for dinner and supper for the tuesday morning match..can u call that supper?ahh nevermind la,the dinner pizza hawaiian supreme with stuffed crust,hoho...habisla jugak kami makan....then sudddenly the pizza guy came back...uik?!got one small pizza,free one ohh?!habislaaa..cannot finish.........sin sin sin

I continued reading my book,and I finished reading it about 1am tuesday morning,hoho...took my midnight wasnt goin to sleep,wana watch football ba..but then,the pizza,hawaiian chicken cannot finish lo...the small one luckily ali punya house mate finished...huhu..

Match ended wit a victory for my team,pompey0-1 MU ,oh yeahhhhh,lookout chelsea,here we comeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

going back to penang tonite,hope nothing goes wrong because of the byelection...PEACE Y'ALL

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