Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting past my days in KL

Was in Tawau spending my holidays,mid-sem break to be exact last week.Before that I went to my cousin's wedding,it was ok-ok la...stayed at Likas Square and my elder sis's house.The tv at her house was very good for watching football,but it disappointed me that Man U didnt win their first match in the BPL. *Curse that Martins!!!!*

Days in Tawau went like normal,my saga broke down,as usual,luckily I had this uncle's kelisa,ahhh...I can drive again!!!feels so nice.Met up with almost all the guys in Tawau, and I did went out with LYC a few days in Tawau.It was fun,life in tawau is so carefree...i miss it

An incident,that came out of the blue overshadowed my holiday,and the effects are carried on until this very day,but Id rather not talk about it,just feel that I wana let it out a bit.

I arrived KL on saturday noon,was in the flight with my uncle,boy,did he give me a brainwash,but somehow, it get stucked in my head because, and just because the way he spoke,the way of him conveying his message was just like my late father...very charismatic one oh!It made me feel like-I wanna study in UK already,hahahah...all dreams one la,but everything start form a dream wor..

Well well,it wasnt good news at all,when i got to the airasia bus that was heading to klsentral,this sensitive stomach of mine "buat perangai",habislaaa,im having stomach in the middle of a 1 hour journey bus..the experience was very very VERY unpleasant.The guy next to me also like a sh*t f-ing person,sleep tu sleep la but why tilt ur head towards me???crazy nuts,and I was holding my "gate" to make sure it doesnt explode!!

The truth was,it almost blew 3 times and at the last one,I almost give up,luckily...with that determination, I was able to hold on,went down th ebus, took my 3 heavy bags and made a dash towards the toilet to do my "business".

-Business was booming-

ahh,yeah,this victor tan,a friend of mine,wanted to treat me pizza and bowling, I remember,but I was unable to come sunway piramid owhhh victor,next time ah..

Sunday 24/8


hehe,wnt to watch the crazy zohan movie ,it was a very sexual movie and yet it was rated U.They did have some of the scene cut la,but,damn man it was sooooooo funny!

Had 2 games of bowling with my sis and her bf..I was confident I could win,I got the first strike man,cmon la I must win!!!

LAN 72
ALI 78


it was a first game...warm up round,thats wat i tot,but the second round pun 2x5 juga

LAN 82
ALI 102

WHATTT??!!!!This is really no good mannnn,DOWNNN.....

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